Internal & External Communications


We take care of the implementation of communication plans and the enhancement of the brand of our companies in Italy and abroad.

Help in the right way to communicate within the company, preparatory to correct communication to the outside.

Public Relations


Public relations activities on the occasion of meetings, fairs, tastings, events in Italy and abroad.

Brand Ambassador


Traditionally known as the brand’s spokesperson, it is the internal or external agent of the company with the task of promoting the brand and stimulating sales. These are generally very well-informed professionals regarding the brand they represent, who holds a central position within a social network of fundamental importance for the development of the brand.

The brand ambassador can be anyone who has an in-depth knowledge of the brand and the market in which it operates and/or is able to identify certain needs that the brand expresses.

Visual Communication & 2.0


ur agency also includes the creation of professional photographs of the company, the products and the salient stages of the life of the cellar.

A real book with multiple uses.
· Website creation
· Website news management
· Collaboration with online newspapers

Tasting & Events


Degustazioni per la stampa e stakeholders:
· Vertical
· Invitations for specialized press and stakeholders
· Lunches and dinners in combination with tasting for the press, stakeholders and customers

Our work finds its maximum strength in the tastings that the agency carries out during the year by hosting journalists, Italians and foreigners, influencers and buyers in high-level structures where our agency has its own cellar. The decidedly comfortable and relaxing environment gives us the opportunity to better present the wines of “our” companies.

Foreign Projects


Our agency also follows specific projects abroad, in particular Public Relations activities and event organizations targeted in London, Paris, the USA, Japan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Northern Europe. These are parallel projects that are carried out directly on site by the agency. Together with this, we offer some branding activities abroad developed as additional consultancy that go to increase work directly in the proposed areas.


We aim to offer the possibility of being in the fairs with a single desk for all of you. We put the know-how and all the work organization. This could be the tool to participate in multiple events, reducing your costs.