We have launched SpiritsPR, a public relations agency devoted to the world of Spirits.

A challenge that combines passion with professionalism: these are the keystones for this new initiative that reflects the shared expertise of a staff with 20 years’ experience of Public Relations in the food and beverage sector.


«This terrible period that we have gone – and are still going – through» explains Riccardo Gabriele, the agency’s creator, «has, because I haven’t been able to travel like I used to, allowed me to explore not only the various aspects of tasting, but also those of a passion that had remained on the sidelines of my work: the passion for spirits. For this reason, I thought that it might provide a stimulus in my job to unite this identity of a “spirit lover” with the professionalism of the entire team that has been working with me for years».


The birth of SpiritsPr coincided with a series of reflections made together with a number of protagonists in this field and with the desire to create a communications project of a new and dynamic gin producer: Upperhand.


The owners of this company, Bert and Claudia Lafferty, are a young and determined couple with very clear ideas, who have created a unique product that combines several European traditions.


Their gin is in fact made in a tiny “garage” distillery in Ireland (a country whose production forms an integral part of the spirit sector’s history), using four botanicals that are associated with aspects of the Laffertys’ lives.


The juniper comes from Tuscany (the Region where Claudia’s father was born); the basil from Liguria (where Claudia’s paternal grandmother came from); the lemons from Sicily (an island where both partners have left their hearts, and their favorite holiday destination); and dill (from Ireland), which Claudia’s maternal grandmother used to make a beverage that has remained fixed in her memory.


«“Upperhand” means winning. It’s a term used when an outsider, an unfavored competitor, comes out on top» says Riccardo. « Bert and Claudia have made it the name of their brand, to let people know where they started off from and where they want to arrive. This idea intrigued me, and it seemed ideally suited for a new project like that of SpiritsPr».


The agency is not stopping there: as well as having some new collaborations in store – and several masterclasses, also outside of Italy – it has already planned a program of presentations and tastings with food pairings, in order to let people try a new and different experience.


«We will create “live” events with opportunities to taste» Riccardo continues, «but also fun virtual tastings in which – with Bert and Claudia on one side, and my colleagues on another – we will create, along with a bartender, some original cocktails together. And we will send all the necessary ingredients and equipment to people’s own homes».